The Judiciary – An Ordinary Person’s Perspective

This book is a view of the judicial system in Ireland. The author has no doubt that it reflects the judicial system across most of the western world. It is an ordinary person’s memoir as the author tells her story of a constructive dismissal carried out against her by one of Ireland’s leading law firms, the hearing of her complaint at the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Ireland and the subsequent appeal when she self-represents against the the Firm.

The book gives the author’s opinion on the practices used by the Judiciary (which in this book, includes all legal personnel), to ensure the separation of powers is not threatened, and the mannerisms by the judiciary to ensure people are not encouraged to self-represent in the courts.  It story, in short, describes the manner in which the majority of the population can expect when they seek justice. And explains the politics behind the money.

The author questions the power that was granted to the Judiciary under the Constitution, and recognises them as being the most powerful institution in the State.  She wonders if the original Constitution was again being voted on by the people, would be give such powers the second time around?

I think not.

About CarolynALambert

I have authored a book called The Judiciary - An Ordinary Person's Perspective, which is now available on Amazon US. The UK version will be available to purchase on the 1 December, 2012. It is a memoir and one that is long overdue. It is the story of an ordinary person as they self-represent against a law firm in the Irish courts, the system of the courts that appears to ensure that people don't self-represent and the reputation of the judiciary confirmed.

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